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From: James Smith
Subject: Family JuiceFamily JuiceBy James Smith***
Quick Intro/disclaimerThis story contains sexual scenes between preteen/teen boy/s and a
man/men. If this subject is offensive or off putting to you, read no
further. Only read if you are of legal age as stated in your local
government.I can be contacted at: Please use the subject line
"Re: Nifty", to protect me from awkward public situations and easier e-mail
filtering.Me, I live in Australia and I am a full-time student. I don't really like
to label myself as gay/bi/straight; I'm just completely open minded.This story is mine, copyright of mine. Not to be reproduced with out my
sole permission. So far only Nifty has received this story from me, so
therefore should be the only place it can be found. Respect copyright
please.End Intro :)
***"Family Juice"It was about 4:00pm when I got home, I was a little late as I usually try
to get home shortly after my son, Thomas, does so he's not home on his own
too long. He's only twelve so I always panic a little bit when I'm running
late but I'm always so relieved when I get home and find him just hanging
out. I worry too much.As I entered through the front door my eyes immediately shot to the best lolita pedo pic cabinet
where my son usually tosses his schoolbag when he gets home. I relaxed when
I saw the schoolbag in its usual place."Thomas, I'm home! Is there any mail for me?" I yelled out to him as usual."Hey Dad, I put all the letters on the counter", he shouted back in his
high-pitched boy voice that hadn't dropped yet.I should point out that Thomas' mother left us when he was 8. It was really
tough on both of us for a while but we got through it together. Our
relationship became really strong because of it, the silver lining. Thomas
is like my best friend now. We share chores and keep the place really tidy;
he really is a perfect son. We do of course have our arguments, but our
bond is that we still know we love one another so they usually blow over by
bed time.I took off my shoes and tie while I made a coffee and opened the
mail. There was nothing important so I thought I would go check in with
Thomas while I wait for the kettle."Can I come in?" I asked after knocking on his door."Yeah dad, of course"I entered the room and found Thomas naked laid out on his bed. I wasn't as
shocked as some may think. Being just two guys at home, we've gotten used
to being naked around each other and if it suits, we'll just hang around
the house in the nude. Seeing him like that really wasn't a big deal. He
had an erection too; he'd been getting them a lot lately, just that age I
guess. It was actually kind of cute, a fleshy three inch nail pointing up
to the ceiling. It always made me smile and chuckle inside.I moved about the room and started gathering some of his discarded clothes."School went OK today mate?""It was awesome! Today we got to have a lesson without the girls!""Ah right, you had sex ed today didn't you? Found it interesting?""Yeah, it was really cool. A lot of the boys were laughing but I liked
looking at the videos.""Ha-ha, you're such a mature young man. Well if you have any questions left
over, you can just ask me, OK matey?""Really Dad? Cool! Then can you tell me what this stuff is?" he held his
hand out to me.I couldn't see what he was showing me so I moved closer. I could see better
now I was sitting on the edge of the bed and saw the sun from the window
reflecting off of something on Thomas' fingers. It looked like some sort of
liquid."Well, where did you get it from Thomas?""From here Dad", he points to his penis, "it just keeps coming out, ever
since we watched those videos in class."I looked down to his crotch and indeed saw a thick stream of precum flowing
down from inside his foreskin, down his shaft and onto his smooth
pubis. His whole little cock was glistening with his precum as was his
little balls which were shiny too. I could see where he had dipped his
fingers in it and traced lines around his smooth little body. Honestly I
didn't think he was old enough to make anything yet, but obviously he had
seen something he liked in those videos because this kid was the horniest I
had lolita mpeg porn incest ever seen someone!"Oh sweetie, that's what men call precum. It comes out when we see
something very sexy and it's supposed to make sex easier. Some men make a
lot, like you, some make a little, and some make almost none. It's
different for everyone.""Cool, I was a little bit scared, but it's kind of fun too. It feels good
and it's really sticky. I wanted it stop at first because it was making a
mess so I pinched my willy like when I need to pee, but when I let go a
huge load of it came out!"Thomas reached down to the floor to pick up his underwear. He handed them
to me and I could feel how heavy with precum they were. The front was
absolutely saturated!"Did this start when you were in class Thomas?""Yeah, I thought I was peeing but I was too embarrassed to do anything, but
when class finished and I went to the toilet, it wasn't pee!"I watched as Thomas' gaze lowered and saw his eyes grow large."Dad! You're doing it too!"I looked down to my crotch and saw what he saw. A very large wet patch was
easily visible on my grey slacks. I hadn't even noticed that I was aroused!"Take off your pants Dad, I wanna see how you do it like me. In the videos
we saw how a man's willy grows even bigger, you must make heaps of precum
Dad!"I know a lot of parents would've stopped when they saw their erect son
naked on a bed, and I know even more would've stopped right now. I,
however, really didn't see anything wrong with the situation. I was proud
that my son was comfortable with his nudity, and I had taught when it is
appropriate. I had always endeavoured to nurture my son's curiosity and if
I acted like showing him something that came naturally is to be hidden and
shamed, I felt like that would only do him harm. Like I said, we're
practically best mates and he's seen me naked plenty, even with morning
wood.I confidently unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it out of my pants'
waist. While I undressed I watched Thomas squeeze his precum from his penis
and draw on his body with it. He got quiet as I was lowering my pants and
boxers and I could tell he was excited. I'm about 5'9 with short dark brown
hair, brown eyes and always with a 5 o'clock shadow, my son also has the
same hair and eyes. I usually go for a run every night, so my body is well
toned and has a bit of definition. I'm well tanned and have a dark, thick
growth of hair all over my body. I stood wearing only black socks, an open
shirt and my glasses. I bent back a bit and stretched, my hard six inches
pointed to the ceiling, shiny and dripping precum down my hairy legs. I lay
down on the bed next to Thomas."See son, you leak just like your old man!" I chuckled and put my arm
around Thomas' shoulders and kissed the top of his head."Wow Dad, there was a man who was hairy like you on the video. I think
that's when I started getting wet. Does that mean you and that man are
sexy, Dad?""Well it's different to everyone what they find sexy. But, yes, I think you
think we are sexy. What did you like about it?""I don't know I just wanted to look at it more but the video changed. I was
a bit sad."Eager to sate my boy's curiosity I offered what I thought was the logical
thing."Well if you don't mind, you can look at mine all you want!""Serious Dad? Cool, now?""Sure, help yourself."I kissed his head again before he bounced up and asian teen lollitas nude
knelt between my legs. He
leaned forward closely to get a better vantage. I pushed my cock down so he
could get a better look. As he was quietly watching me move my penis around
for him to see, I saw him lightly stroking his own hard little cock. I have
to admit, seeing my boy getting turned on by his father really got me
horny. I had to see where I could take it. I pulled my hand down my cock
and exposed the head, then I pulled up again and released a gush of precum.I slowly wanked myself like this for a few minutes while my son watched
intently. My crotch was extremely wet and the hair was matted down. He was
kneeling down so much and I saw him lick his lips. I decided to go further.I wiped some precum onto my thumb and brought it to my lips. I licked it
slowly from my thumb while my son watched, his eyes growing ever bigger."Huh, you ate it Dad! Does it taste good? Is that why you eat it? It won't
make you sick?""No worries buddy, it won't make you sick but it tastes wonderful, give
your own a try."Thomas' hand was already wet with his constant stroking. He held his hand
up to his face and examined it. Slowly he took a big lick of his wet
palm. He tasted it in his mouth for a while and gave me a smile."Wow, that's cool Dad. I didn't know I could make anything that tastes
good!"He went backed to his hand and continued consuming his young precum from
his hand and fingers. I kept wanking myself as I watched my boy enjoy his
juice. I had to keep it going."Hey Thomas, I've only tried mine. Do you mind if I have some of yours?""Sure Dad, of course. It's so yummy!"He reached between his legs and gathered his thick stream onto his
fingers. He moved up and held his fingers out for me. As he moved forward,
his soft belly made contact with my cock. His belly dragged along the head
of my cock. I grabbed his wrist and wrapped my lips around his wet
fingers. I licked and sucked his fingers while I thrust my cock into his
smooth belly. When he was done he went back to kneeling."Mmmm, Thomas, that was the greatest thing I've young lolita pics gallery
ever tasted! Looks like I
made a mess on your belly, why don't you try some of your Dad's juice?""Cool!"He wiped his hand in my precum and practically devoured his hand."Yours tastes so much stronger Dad. It's great!""You're sex porn lolitas teens welcome to have more if you want.""Sweet!"He reached out to my cock."Don't worry about using your hands Tom, just put your lips on it and suck
it out.""Cool, I'll get lots more if I do it like that!"I pulled my skin back tight so he could get to the head easier. He licked
up the stream that was trickling down to my balls and licked up to the
slit. He popped the head into his mouth and began to lolita models free pics
suck. I could feel his
tongue licking all around my wet knob. I resumed wanking and kept pushing
more precum into his little mouth. He drank it down like his favourite
juice.I looked down at my young son, kneeling between his Dad's hairy legs and
suckling on his leaking knob. I knew it had gone too far but it felt too
good to stop. It was still fun for him though so I didn't think it was
really necessary to stop.My little boy was sucking my cock for about five minutes when I had to see
how far I could go. I could feel a mixture of spit and precum flowing down
my shaft, drenching my balls, and dripping down my arsehole. I moved a
finger down to my bud and began fingering my hole. It was already so
lubricated I could just shove two fingers right into my arsehole. I pushed
hard and against my prostate and it made me moan, loud.Kneeling back, my son watched me finger fuck my arsehole. "Oh my god Dad,
what are you doing to your arse?""I'm fucking my arse with fingers Tom. When you were sucking on my cock, it
felt real good, but this, this feels A LOT better. See, men have this kind
of button in their arse that when you push it, it feels incredible!""A button Dad? That doesn't sound right, how can I have a button in me that
feels good?""Just trust me son, give it a go on yourself."Thomas laid back and pushed his arse up. He had to slide his finger up and
down his crack for a while before he found his hole. Like me, he already
had so much precum dripping down his crack he only had to rub a little bit
before his finger slid in. He was surprised at first when his finger
slipped in but 101 lolita preteen models then he began his search. After a while he looked
frustrated."Dad, I can't find any button. Are you just joking?""No buddy, it's really there, I'm feeling mine right now."Realising his prostate is probably small preteen girl lolli video
at his age I thought he may need
help."Bring your arse over here and I'll find it for you Tom. You'll like it I
promise."He crawled up and I flipped him around. His knees were on either side of my
chest. His smooth, pink hole was wet and shining right in my face. I
grabbed his soft globes and pulled them apart. I wanked his cock a little
bit to get my fingers slippery with his precum. He moaned, I forgot he
didn't know the pleasures of masturbation yet. In his pleasure he dropped
his head into my crotch, slipping my cock into his mouth again. He was so
horny now he was going halfway down my cock, licking all around the shaft.I placed my wet fingertip at his little hole. Because of his own finger
fucking, half my finger slid in on the first push. I pushed harder and his
hole slowly let more of my finger in. I kept 101 lolita preteen models my fingertip sex porn lolitas teens
pushed against
the wall of his anus looking for the bump. I could tell I found it when
Thomas launched off my cock screaming."AHHHHHHH! Dad, found it! Ohhhh it feels so good!"He was shaking as he sat on my finger. He fell forward onto his hands
again. I began thrusting my finger in and out. He became looser after some
hard finger fucking and soon he was rocking back and forth, trying to get
more of my finger into his arse. His little preteen sun bbs lolita html
cock was spewing precum
onto my hairy chest. It looked like I had had a shower."Do it faster Dad! Put more in, it's not enough, please Dad!" His high
pitched moans were so loud and his breathing was so heavy."That's my entire finger matey, that's as far as it will go!""Please, Dad...more!""I don't...well...I have an idea...""What is it Dad? Just it...already!""What if I put my cock in your arse?""Oh god Dad, it's so big...and thick. It's gonna feel awesome!"I was surprised how conducive he was to the idea. Like a flash he was up
and squatting over my cock. His face conveyed a desperation that I couldn't
deny. He grabbed my daddy dick and ran the wet knob along his crack looking
for his hole. I rubbed my hands up and down his smooth legs, impatient for
him to sit on my cock. In his own time, as soon as he got the tip in his
hole, he pushed down. I was so wet and fingering must've loosened him a lot
because very slowly he was able to impale himself completely in one try.As soon as I saw my cock disappear completely into my boy's hole I grabbed
him by his hips and thrust up into him while pulling him down."AHHHHH!'re so far inside me! It feels too good! I...don't know
what to do. It has to... feel better!""It's OK buddy, I know what to do. Just let Dad fuck your arse." I picked
up speed and started slamming his little body onto my cock. His boy moans
were turning me on so much."Wank your cock for Dad, Tom. Just like I was doing for you before."He reached for his cock and with his thumb and forefinger, began to wank
himself. Watching my boy have his first toss really turned me on even more.I spread his arse open and thrust into him even further. Our moans and
screams filled the room. I must've been fucking my son for about 20 minutes
when I felt his arse tighten around my cock."DAD! DAD! Something...something's happening...I can't...It feels too
good!""Don't worry baby, just let it happen, I'm here."I fucked him rougher as he began to shoot. A great stream of cum blasted
from his little cock and landed on my hairy stomach. He screamed as his
first orgasm rocked him and the rest of his cum dribbled out and onto my
pubic hair. Watching me son shoot his first load pushed me over the edge."I love you Thomas!" I yelled out as my balls pulled up.I pushed Thomas down onto my cock as hard as I could. I felt the familiar
surge along my shaft as thick, hot daddy cum erupted from my cock. I
spurted again and again into my son's arse, coating his insides, cum
dripping best lolita pedo pic from his full rectum.Shaking from my amazing orgasm I pulled my son down to me. Our bodies were
wet and I hugged him. My hard cock still deep in his arse."Thank you so much for that Thomas. That's the best feeling I've ever had!""Me too Dad, I didn't know people could feel like that.""You can't tell ANYONE what we just did OK buddy?""But why? It felt really good!""Because some people think that I'm hurting you or using you. If they found
out, they would take me away.""But you didn't do any of that stuff to me Dad. I wanted you to do it. You
can't leave me, I love you, I won't ever tell anyone, promise."My heart grew ten-fold with love for my son. "No worries young lolita pics gallery son, I trust you,
and I love you more than anything, not just because of what we did.""So can we do it again Dad? I loved all of it, drinking your juice and
being...fucked.""Me too sweetie, I loved it all too, and next time I'd love to drink your
juice. Tell you what, anytime YOU want to lolita models free pics do it, just ask, I'll be happy to
help you.""Thanks, Dad."I wrapped Thomas in my arms tightly as we drifted into sleep. Our bodies
and minds were completely young lolita pics gallery
bonded.***Please comment, I like hearing from you all. Love pictures ;) And I would
also LOVE to hear any similar experiences.So here's my email again:d-i-t-mhotmail.comand feel free to IM me too on MSN!Thanks for reading :D

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